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Are you losing money to excessive phone bills? Find out how much you could be saving

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Missed Calls = Missed Opportunities

Did you know that businesses lose up to 70% of potential customers due to poor call quality every year?

Evaluate how much your current system is costing you

Why switch to VoIP?

Here’s what you gain

Cost Savings

Drastically reduce your phone bills and operational costs.


Enjoy superior uptime and clearer call quality.


Easily scale as your business grows, with features that evolve as you do.

Ease of Transition

Switching is simple, with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

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Find out how much you spend on your current phone bills vs what you could be saving by switching to VoIP.

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Join Leading Companies Making the Switch to VoIP

Sujith Kumar, I.T. and Infrastructure Manager at Pellicano

“Nothing came close to the features and functions that 3CX could offer, and at a lower price tag than any other the other systems we looked at. 3CX has proven to be a much more flexible and easy to manage solution for us, which has also helped us to save money and dedicate resources elsewhere.”

Antoon Makay, Network Telecommunications Manager at Essilor Benelux

“3CX is a flexible VoIP solution which gives our organization a big advantage on our competition. Our employees now have the ability to carry out location independent work, boosting productivity and increasing the possibilities when it comes to the growth of the company.”

Sylvain Spodar, Network Telecommunications Manager at Zoo Parc de Beauval

“3CX is a zero stress solution which has allowed us to allocate more resources elsewhere at the park. The system is also incredibly easy to install and manage, which has allowed us to maintain our communications in-house.”

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