Why Industries Everywhere Are Turning to Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Across Industries

Many companies are beginning to move towards cloud solutions, and it’s not surprising. Now that so many cloud providers are available, you can transform how you manage your business, irrespective of your industry. Read this guide until the end to learn about cloud solutions across industries and how to leverage them for your business.

Cloud Solutions Across Industries

Cloud Solutions Across Industries

If you want to make your organization’s daily operations easier so that your business can shine, then industry clouds are for you. Although it’s a new technology, industry clouds are cloud-based services designed to meet your company’s needs.

Reimagine the future of business with industry cloud

Close your eyes and imagine an application that can help your company adapt to changes that are specific to you. Despite being in a fast-paced world, industry clouds provide workflows, data models, and other pre-built tools that will help your business deliver the expected results.

Cloud solutions are making the future of industry possible

Cloud technologies are not only for large companies. If you are a small business owner, cloud services will provide the operational excellence and innovation you seek to make your company resilient, flexible, and scalable.

Explore how our Industry Cloud solutions can transform your industry

One of the benefits you stand to get with our cloud products and services at MIS Solutions is hyper-specialization. This means that we’ll provide the exact solutions that your business needs. The tailored tools we provide will ultimately improve your operational efficiency.

Explore our industry cloud content

With the help of cloud solutions, you can make your business a success. If you are considering migrating to the cloud to grow your business, MIS Solutions provides cloud solutions that will make your migration seamless.

Let’s help your organization grow with our tailor-made cloud services so you can achieve your business goals quickly. We provide smooth cloud migration for Azure, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and AWS. You can partner with us today to begin your cloud journey by scheduling a free consultation today. 

Examples of Cloud Computing Across Industries

Cloud computing

Today, a lot of businesses employ cloud computing because it makes it possible to store and manage large volumes of data without the need for a local device. One of the great things about cloud computing is the variety of options it offers to suit different industries. A few examples that are commonly used include infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

What is Cloud Computing?

It can be a hassle to figure out where and how you’re going to store all your files. One solution is to use cloud computing. For one, it gets rid of the need for USBs entirely, another is that you won’t have to worry about servers. All you need is an internet connection and voila, you can access your files whenever, wherever, on any device.

Benefits and Risks of Cloud Computing Across Industries

One of the best things about cloud computing is being able to access files on any device. Even better is the fact that your data will still be there even if your hard drive fails you. This will save you money because set up no longer requires expensive infrastructure.

With anything good comes bad, too, though. The biggest problem with cloud computing is security. A few challenges include data breaches, theft, and loss. As such, you must check if your cloud computing services supplier provides total security.

Examples of Cloud Computing by Industry

Cloud computing is transforming how different companies operate. Thankfully, many options exist for different businesses across all kinds of industries. Below are cloud computing examples in some popular industries.

  • Marketing Industry: Hubspot uses cloud marketing to help companies create more natural and human messages for clients. They also help businesses to convert leads and attract visitors by managing marketing and sales activities from a single platform.
  • Healthcare Industry: NetApp is a hybrid cloud solution provider that makes it easy for clinics to manage their processes in real time. They also ensure compliance and data security for healthcare industries.

Industry Cloud

Unlike public clouds, industry clouds provide value for businesses. They’re customized to meet the needs of specific industries rather than serving everyone, and as a result, they make it easy to use tailor-made innovations to grow your company with tech. According to Gartner, by 2026, 70% of company consumers plan to deploy industry clouds.

What is an industry cloud?

An Industry cloud works like any other cloud platform. The only difference is that it doesn’t serve everyone. Instead, they focus on meeting the special needs certain industries may have.

  • Industry Cloud helps set your business apart from the competition: You can picture industry clouds as overprotective parents who know their children’s needs. In this case, your business will be the child and the specialized solutions within the cloud will help you achieve your company’s goals. For example, you can scale your business without spending money on expensive infrastructure. They also make sure that it complies with its unique regulatory needs.
  • See Industry Cloud at work: Like other cloud platforms, industry clouds use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. With that being said, you’ll have access to pre-built applications and storage systems along with a network of servers that will bring you the digital transformation needed to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Endless Possibilities, breakthrough outcomes: Industry cloud allows you to enjoy an amazing level of customization. You can now collaborate and share data with other businesses within your industry, which is a breakthrough. Industry clouds will truly revolutionize how your business operates, and the possibilities to improve your overall performance are endless!
  • Explore our industry-specific cloud solutions: At MIS Solutions, we leave no stone unturned with our cloud service provision. We are detail-oriented in our approach to help you harness the power of the cloud to achieve your business goals. We are your ideal partners if you want industry-specific expertise and scalable solutions for your business. Irrespective of your unique needs, you can partner with us today
  • Cloud solutions for banking and capital markets: Cloud solutions help banks manage operational efficiency, business growth, and regulatory compliance. If you are in the banking industry, the technology also gives you access to customized and advanced services like AR/VR, quantum, and AI to suit your needs.
  • Cloud solutions for insurance organizations: You can quickly grow your insurance company using cloud technologies without having to buy bulky and expensive hardware. To save even more money for your company, you can leverage the cloud’s storage capacity for easy data analysis.
  • Cloud solutions for energy, utilities, and resources: Collecting large data to optimize your grid operation is a vital part of what you do if you own an energy and utilities business. With cloud solutions, you can access smarter grids and other advanced analytics to manage your company properly. 

See how Cloud Computing can help differentiate your business

With cloud computing, there is something for your business, whether small or large. When you move your company’s operation to the cloud, you can enjoy an efficient workflow. Also, you can grow because you won’t need to spend money unnecessarily on expensive infrastructure.

Top-10 industries that benefit from cloud solutions the most

Top Industries that benefit from cloud solutions

Cloud solutions can serve you irrespective of the size or need of your business. However, some industries stand out due to the benefits they’ve enjoyed with the technology. If you are wondering about the specific value that these companies gain, check out our list below.

  • Manufacturing

Cloud solutions allow you to collect data to help you perform activities like predictive maintenance in your operations. With the cloud technology, you can detect and resolve a potential downtime. You can also simulate some aspects of your production process to better understand how they work.

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

You can leverage cloud computing to reduce the costs of maintaining your logistics business. For example, you don’t need a data center to maintain the large amounts of data you’ll have to handle. Also, you can have different people maintaining your supply chain irrespective of where they are.

  • Automotive

Giving customers control is great. But what about letting them select their own car? With cloud services, you can up the quality of their experience by giving them this option. Alongside the improved client experience, you also save more time.

  • Construction

Industry cloud platforms help majorly. You can do all sorts of things like make updates, share documents, and more in real time. To better understand the construction aspect of buildings, just make 3D representations of systems like electrical and mechanical.

  • Telecommunications

If you thought cloud computing was just a fad used by tech companies, think again. Your telecom company can also use it to keep up with the times. You’re probably wondering how that can happen without throwing you out of business. Well, let me explain: your clients can communicate with anyone using cloud services. That means voice and video conferences and even live broadcasting things to others. But it doesn’t stop there; this technology also provides effective data management.

  • Healthcare

Having medical records is important for many reasons. We know that staying compliant and ensuring security is one of them. Cloud computing can provide all this and more. With technology like mobile apps, electronic medical records, and IoT-enabled devices, you’ll find yourself making decisions faster and easier.

  • Retail

Keeping track of your retail inventory is important. It lets you know when something is running low or if there are items that aren’t moving at all. The cloud does more than store files, though. It lets you track things in real time and monitor them as well. So now you don’t have to worry about whether stock is missing again.

  • Banking

Running a bank comes with quite a few hurdles. And with all the people relying on their money being secure at your institution, those hurdles become expectations. However, there is one way to meet them while reducing costs. That solution lies in cloud services, which let you use tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

  • Financial Services

Using cloud computing technologies, your financial services company can quickly respond to change. By adopting features like data analytics technologies, you can work more efficiently and quickly attend to consumer needs. It’s also easier to collaborate online with several finance companies.

  • Legal

Managing your briefs and other contracts that you deal with on a regular basis can be done with cloud computing. You can arrange and quickly locate the information you require with NLP apps. You can also make critical decisions fast and accurately.

The bottom line

Getting started with cloud solutions

The value of cloud solutions to various businesses cannot be overemphasized. Because you are meeting the specific needs of your business, you can stand out from the competition. Furthermore, you save costs while focusing on your company’s growth. Want to improve your business’ cloud technology? Get started with us today!