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img Micah Wissman MIS

Micah Wissman


Micah Wissman started his technology career in 1991 while working for his uncle’s computer business in Upstate New York. It was clear to him from that experience that he had truly found his passion. He attended the University of Cincinnati and throughout his college years, he worked for several computer service companies, learning the business side of technology. In 2003, Micah founded MIS Solutions, LLC with the goal of bringing high-quality yet affordable IT services to his clients. Over the last 20 years. Micah has been able to do just that, which has allowed the business to grow from just a one-person IT business to what it is today.

In his spare time. Micah enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys CrossFit, cars, and competitive shooting.

img Jason Null MIS

Jason Null

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Jason Null has been working in the IT space since 1995. As Chief Operations Officer (COO), he defines and establishes strategic direction by bridging customer, business, and market requirements to ensure departmental and product delivery success. Jason is also responsible for the development, integration, and management of MIS Solutions’ comprehensive Managed Services portfolio.  He has worked in the enterprise, educational, and small business IT environments over the last 20+ years. Jason has been with MIS Solutions since 2014 when MIS acquired the company Jason founded in 2006.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.  As a family, they love camping, kayaking, skiing, hiking, and scuba diving.

img Megan Sullins MIS

Megan Sullins

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Megan's journey with MIS Solutions began in March 2018, where she initially joined as an Account Executive. Demonstrating exceptional dedication, she swiftly ascended the ranks, ultimately achieving the esteemed positions of Director of Sales and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Presently, Megan holds a pivotal role overseeing multiple vital aspects of the company, including the management of sales, marketing, and vCIO teams, as well as sales operations, business acquisitions, and the establishment of streamlined processes for sales and marketing endeavors. With a sales background dating back to 2013 and experience in the technology sector since 2015, Megan brings a wealth of expertise to her current position.

Driven by her aspiration to elevate MIS Solutions to new heights as a preeminent technology partner, Megan is resolute in her pursuit of success. Acknowledging the unwavering support she receives from the President and COO, she appreciates the opportunity to unleash her potential and flourish within the organization.

During her leisure time, Megan enjoys moments shared with her husband, engaging in activities such as traveling, boating, exploring new culinary experiences, and attending live concerts. Additionally, she cherishes the company of her loved ones and values the time spent with her family.

img Adam Ringland MIS

Adam Ringland

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Adam has been with MIS Solutions since 2016, starting as a Support Technician and quickly moving into an elevated role as System Administrator. In 2019, was promoted to Operations Manager, and then again in 2023, to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this current role, he oversees all the technicians on staff, and strives to build a culture of success, diversity, accountability and fun. Adam has worked in the IT industry since 2002.

Adam attributes almost all his personal and professional success to his amazing wife and three outstanding children who have all helped mold him into the husband, father, and man he is today. Outside of work, you’ll most likely find Adam working in the yard, cooking, boating on the lake, taking in live music, or cheering on his beloved Las Vegas Raiders.

img duane taylor

Duane Taylor


Duane brings over 27 years of information technology experience and began working at MIS Solutions in 2005. He has been involved with multiple roles within the company throughout his journey from deskside, server, and infrastructure support to network design and architecture, wearing a multitude of hats along the way, his current position being vCIO. He is always looking for ways to better our partners and MIS.

“MIS has provided me with multiple opportunities to elevate my skill level within information technology as well as opportunities to grow and to learn at the same time. MIS is a company that you can get out of what you put in if you work hard and provide value. You will get opportunities to grow your career in the IT industry.”

On any given weekend, you may find Duane camping, boating, watching sports or simply relaxing during the colder months. Traveling to visit relatives is another of his favorite things to do!

img nate jewett

Nate Jewett


Nate has been with MIS Solutions since 2018. Since then, he has moved from being a support technician to a systems administrator to a vCIO. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He spends a lot of his free time fishing, working around the house, and farming in the summer months.

img Jill Carter MIS

Jill Carter

vCIO Logistics Coordinator

Jill began with MIS Solutions in 2018. She came to us with 25+ years of business and account/project management experience. Jill works in various roles including purchasing, partner inventory control, and shipping/receiving management. She also assists with accounting and office management. Jill is at her happiest when surrounded by her husband Chaes, their kids, and other family and friends. She also enjoys listening to ’80s and ’90s pop music, camping, and volunteering for local youth sports.

img Danielle Adleta

Danielle Adleta

Business Development Representative

As our Business Development Representative, Danielle brings with her a wealth of experience in building successful partnering relationships and driving client acquisitions.

With a background in sales, strategic planning, and marketing strategy, she is well-equipped to contribute to our growth and success. However, Danielle is more than just a seasoned professional. Her passion for helping people and creating a positive workplace culture sets her apart. With her strong client relations skills, she is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best possible experience.

Beyond her work commitments, she has two amazing daughters, and cherishes her time spent with family and friends, immersing herself in the joy of live music, attending various social events, and weekend kayaking excursions.

As an avid animal lover, she relishes the company of her two beloved rescue dogs, enjoying every moment of their companionship and the love they bring.

img Alex Lankester MIS

Alex Lankaster

System Administrator

Alex joined the MIS Team in January 2022 as a Tier 1 Technician and has recently been promoted to Junior System Administrator. Outside of work, he enjoys camping, playing video games, and spending time with his dog, Riley, and his two cats. Alex was born in Cincinnati and has lived here his entire life. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

Austin Doans

Austin Doans

IT Security Architect

Austin (known by most simply as “Doans”) has been a Systems Administrator at MIS Solutions since 2019. He architects, installs, configures, maintains, and provides dedicated support for all server and networking infrastructures, with a special interest in cybersecurity and automation. He enjoys being challenged by the diverse work at MIS and the freedom he is given to perform tasks. Austin's main hobbies include video games, keeping current on all things Marvel, practicing taekwondo, and hanging out with his friends, girlfriend, and/or cats.

img Austin Ringland MIS

Austin Ringland

System Administrator

Austin's IT journey started back in 2018 when he was hired by MIS Solutions as a Desktop Support Technician. There he worked closely with all our partners, quickly gaining their trust and becoming one of MIS’s go-to frontline technicians. By 2020, Austin continued his climb and began to split his roles between Support Technician and the added responsibilities of Junior System Administrator. In 2022, Austin was promoted to System Administrator. In that role, he strives to keep his partners’ infrastructures as secure as possible with a proactive approach.

Outside of his work at MIS, Austin enjoys going to the gym, spending time with friends and family, and watching sports. Austin is a die-hard Las Vegas Raiders fan. If you ever need a suggestion on a good concert to go enjoy, Austin is your guy.

Austin Rau

Austin Rau

System Administrator

Austin was born and raised in Brown County and has always called Cincinnati home. He started his IT journey in 2017 upon entering the United States Marine Corps. In the Marines he was able to travel, learn, and make good friends. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, working on cars, going to the gym, movies, shows, and spending time with family, friends, and his girlfriend. “I am beyond blessed for all the opportunities and people life has given me.”

img Austin Seeberger MIS

Austin Seeberger

Support Technicians

Austin began his career at MIS Solutions in 2022. As a support technician, Austin helps partners with any IT related issues that may arise by documenting, testing, and deploying fixes to the end user. His favorite thing about MIS is the ambiance, and that he gets to work with his favorite thing every day, which is technology. Austin enjoys puzzles, hiking/camping, and spending time with his friends. He is excited for what the future has for him and is looking forward to a fulfilling career in the tech industry.

img Bob Jamison MIS

Bob Jamison

Support Technicians

Bob started MIS in 2021. His hobbies include working on cars, building custom computers, and getting out to the woods to ride some trails. He is an adrenaline junky outside of work, so also enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and riding one-wheel, electric unicycles, and dirt bikes.

“My favorite thing about MIS is the relaxed atmosphere.”

img Brian McAnly MIS

Brian McAnly

Support Technicians

Brian has been married for 32 years with two children, still at home, and one spoiled poodle.

Outside of work, church is an integral part of his family’s life. He manages the church’s website, live streaming, and social media, and serves as the head of the security team.

Brian has been with MIS Solutions for about five years.

“I like the fact that no two days are ever the same. There is always something new to learn. Everyone on the MIS team is always willing to share their knowledge.”

img Chris Nay MIS

Chris Nay

Support Technicians

Chris is a tenured member of the Tier 1 team at MIS. Since joining the company in 2021, Chris has proven himself to be a reliable, self-motivated IT professional with a passion for troubleshooting and customer service. With 13 years of experience in technical support, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role and is always eager to learn more and take advantage of the many opportunities that MIS has to offer.

Chris is skilled at diagnosing and resolving technical issues and is known for his patient and effective approach to customer service. He thrives in the fun and friendly atmosphere of MIS and enjoys working collaboratively with his colleagues in a team-oriented format. When he's not at work, he can often be found supporting his wife's REFIT dance fitness classes or running sound for his church. He's also an avid tinkerer who enjoys experimenting with electronics, cars, audio equipment, computers, and home automation. With his wide-ranging interests and technical expertise, Chris brings a unique perspective to everything he does, both in and out of the office.

img Jason Paugh MIS

Jason Paugh

Support Technicians

Jason is a Tier 1 Technician who has been with MIS since December 2022. He is married with three children. His hobbies include watching all kinds of sports, playing video games, and being in the Bailey helping lead chants at FC Cincinnati games.

John Summers

John Summers

Support Technicians

John is new here at MIS but feels like it is a great fit for him and his skills. He received his Associates of Applied Sciences in IT back in 2019 and has gone through a few different positions that helped him to better his skills and understanding of computers and how to work with them as well as the partners and customers he has supported over his career.

“I am currently interested in pursuing cyber security, but I am working on building some of my other skills as an IT professional such as my understanding and ability to work with networking and security practices. I also enjoy coding, I find working with HTML and CSS quite enjoyable and I’ve also spent time with a few other languages including C#, Java, and Python. Technology is a passion for me, but I realize I still have a lot to learn. I am excited to pursue this journey with MIS and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

img Luis Vasquez MIS

Luis Vasquez

Support Technicians

Luis is a Chicago native who has been with MIS since 2022 as Support Technician. He is experienced in managing and storing data using computers, software, databases, networks, and servers. He takes pride in providing the best technical support possible. Outside of MIS you can find him hitting the range, gaming, or catching up on the latest blockbuster that hits the big screen.

img Phillip Ford MIS

Phillip Ford

Support Technicians

Phillip has been with MIS since 2021 as a Technical Support Specialist. He has several years of experience in support and leadership roles. He has managed a contact center while providing their technical support as well. Philip has degrees from both the University of Cincinnati and Kable Academy in the field of applied sciences. He is a forward-thinking personality and his mindset is always to uphold our mission of outstanding service to our partners.

Phillip is originally from a small town in Maryland but has spent most of his life right here in the Queen City. Phillip enjoys spending time with his beautiful daughter Lilah and their dog Oreo. He also is a fisherman and outdoor enthusiast. He is a valuable asset to MIS and he can attest to the family atmosphere that we share with both our employees and partners alike.

img Rick Hines MIS

Rick Hines

Support Technicians

Rick is a support technician at MIS and has been with the company since August 2022.

“I like the laid-back atmosphere here at MIS. The supervisors are very nice to work for and I like the open-door policy they have. My colleagues are very knowledgeable and get things done. We have a teamwork attitude and a willingness to help each other out.”

Rick is originally from Ohio. His stepfather got a job offer and moved them out to Utah when he was 9, leaving most relatives in Ohio. It was a big change for him. He came back to Ohio to live with his dad when he was 15. After high school, around the age of 19, he went back to Utah. He had always wanted to come back to Ohio. Finally, after 33 years, he and his wife decided they wanted a fresh start for the family. He had told them how it was growing up in Ohio and felt living in the country would be a better life for them. He enjoys watching sci-fi TV series and sometimes old westerns. He also likes watching old corny, low-budget TV shows. He is very competitive and enjoys playing Trivial Pursuit-type games. Rick also spends time fishing, hiking, and camping with his family. When he retires, his dream is for him and his wife to get an RV and see the states.

img Bill Manlove MIS

Bill Manlove

Support Technicians

Bill is an Indianapolis native who came to MIS Solutions in 2023 as a Support Technician with 15 total years of experience with enterprise IT needs and support in a variety of environments, and an earned reputation from end-users as someone who can find and resolve technical issues in a fast and efficient manner at both the desktop and server level.

He holds two Associates in Applied Sciences degrees in PC and Biomedical Repair from Vincennes University.

When he is not at work, Bill enjoys tinkering with technology in general, spending time with his cat and dog, video games, following IndyCar racing, and helping lead fan-zone chants for his beloved Indiana Pacers.

Greg Kernan

Greg Kernan

Support Technicians

Greg joined the MIS Solutions team in 2023. Greg helps support our partners with their IT needs by troubleshooting and testing, creating tickets and using tools to assist the end user. He likes to learn the technology used and the positive attitude of the teams at MIS. In his spare time Greg likes to keep up with latest tech gear, building pc’s, 3D printing and repairing and modding hardware using specialized soldering techniques. Greg also enjoys the excitement of dirt track and drag racing as well as listening to classic rock and roll. His favorite thing to do is spend time with his niece Lilly, playing wizards and animal farm, fostering her imagination and independence. He looks forward to where a career at MIS Solutions will lead him.

Andre Dudgeon

Andre Dudgeon

Support Technicians

He first became interested in IT growing up because both parents were in the IT field. Andre spent 5 years in the Army with 1 year of it providing IT Support in Korea and another providing IT Support in Africa. His hobbies include gaming, reading, and watching basketball. What lead him to MIS was the potential for learning and growth in the IT field.

Ben Allen

Ben Allen

Support Technicians

Ben is originally from western Maryland, has called Old Milford home for about 10 years now. With a background in custom home building, he made a career shift into the world of technology. With 3 years of technology experience and a passion for cloud computing, Ben is currently pursuing a degree in information systems as well as AWS/Azure certifications.

When he's not immersed in technology, you can find Ben and his English Setter Rufus floating down the Little Miami River or engaging in remodeling projects at his house. He is passionate about woodworking, enjoys traveling for music festivals, and is dedicated to perfecting the art of home brewing. Ben is also actively involved with Habitat for Humanity, Americorps, and the AOPA.