Lay the Foundation of Success with Integrated IT for Your Construction Business

Increase productivity and efficiency on every project with hassle-free IT management for construction companies.

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Empower Your Construction Company with Seamless IT Support

As a construction company, you're constantly facing unique challenges in managing your IT infrastructure. From remote job sites to specialized software, managing IT services for construction involves a lot of moving parts. Your business deserves a tailored IT solution that can exceed your specific expectations.

Demolish IT Roadblocks to Boost Efficiency

Inefficient IT support for construction companies can lead to wasted time on the job, missed growth opportunities, and ultimately, reduced profitability. Let us take care of the technical side, so you can focus on what you do best: building and growing your construction business.

Integrated IT: Your All-In-One Solution for Construction IT Management

Our Integrated IT program is designed specifically for construction companies like yours and is built to ensure your IT infrastructure works as hard as you do. Partnering with MIS Solutions allows you to focus on delivering projects while we lay the foundation for a solid IT operation, brick by brick.

Partner with MIS Solutions for your construction firm to experience:

Specialized Vendor Support for Construction Software

We provide expert support for all of your construction-specific software, including project management, estimating, and scheduling tools, to keep your projects running smoothly.

Robust Connectivity for Remote Job Sites

Our team ensures that your remote job sites stay connected, enabling real-time communication and collaboration between your team members, no matter where they are.

Data Protection for Your Valuable Project Files

Safeguard your critical project documents, blueprints, and other data with our robust backup and disaster recovery solutions, specifically designed for the construction industry.

Streamlined Onboarding for New Project Teams

Effortlessly onboard new employees and project teams with our streamlined onboarding process, so you can start new projects without delay.

Customized IT Strategy for Your Construction Business

Receive tailored IT strategies and planning from your dedicated vCIO, who understands the unique needs and goals of your construction business.

Experience strategic IT leadership from your Virtual CIO

In today’s markets, implementing, managing, and maintaining IT solutions that enhance productivity and meet business objectives are crucial to remaining competitive. However, for SMBs with small IT teams, this can be a complex, time-consuming undertaking. This is why it’s best to entrust your technology needs to a virtual CIO rather than attempting to learn on the job.

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img Experience Service Excellence

Experience service excellence from your Partner Experience Team

For many businesses, costly IT investments and projects can significantly strain their finances, especially if their technology solutions have not been implemented, calibrated, or maintained effectively. Moreover, the time and resources spent researching products from various vendors and managing IT projects internally can be a significant management burden. Rather than undertaking these tasks alone, signing up with our Partner Experience Team can save you time and money.

Frequently asked questions

Managed IT services for construction firms comprise the deployment and management of IT solutions to aid in the day-to-day and long-term processes and operations of your construction firm. This includes cybersecurity, tech support, hardware and software, communications, and more.
Most construction firms struggle with keeping their engineering and architectural software running optimally at all times, so this is where we usually come in. We also help construction companies set up and manage computers and networks that can be used at jobsites and other out-of-office locations.
Yes, we can! Schedule a discovery meeting with us so we can identify your needs. We will then recommend solutions specific to the needs of your business.

Transform Your Construction Business with Integrated IT

Upgrade your construction business with our specialized Integrated IT program and experience increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, and unparalleled IT support tailored to your industry.

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