Partner Support

Our pledge as your technology partner is to guarantee absolute satisfaction with your integrated IT program at all times. In order to facilitate prompt resolution of your support tickets, kindly note the following best practices when submitting help desk tickets to your Partner Experience Team.

For active IT emergencies, CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT (513) 276-1113

For non-urgent or general IT issues, feel free to call or submit a ticket via email and include your name, device type, operating system, and screen grabs of any error messages you’re experiencing.

Provide as much detail as possible when communicating with your Partner Experience Team, especially when more information is requested. This will help them fully understand your issue and ultimately shorten the time needed to resolve your issue.

Be aware that resolution times fluctuate based on the severity and complexity of the IT issue at hand. Please have realistic expectations and trust your PET to handle your support ticket as quickly and effectively as possible.

Don’t want to submit a ticket right away? Try this simple troubleshooting checklist before escalating an issue to your Partner Experience Team:


Restart the device.


Check the cables and connection ports.


Manually check for software updates and update as needed.


Uninstall and reinstall any software experiencing issues.

Be aware that these simple fixes may only work for some IT issues. If you’ve tried to resolve the issue yourself and it still persists or is more complicated than you initially thought, contact your Partner Experience Team for further assistance.

Help Desk Support Contact Information

Since your Partner Experience Team will try to resolve issues remotely first, here is the link to help them connect:

To connect with your dedicated vCIO for technology projects, equipment ordering, or general account information reach out to:


For billing information please reach out to: