Digital Transformation

This episode of DIY-IT focuses on the essential theme of Digital Transformation. Hosted by Jason Null, the Vice President at MIS Solutions, this insightful discussion features Adam Ringland, Operations Manager, and Dwayne Taylor, a vCIO at MIS Solutions, alongside Nate Jewett, another distinguished vCIO. This episode dives deep into how digital transformation is reshaping the marketplace, the importance of having a dynamic online presence, and the evolution from traditional business practices to modern digital strategies.

Key Highlights:

  • The critical shift from physical to digital platforms emphasizing the necessity of having a well-designed and dynamic website.
  • Insights on how businesses can become obsolete without a digital presence, touching on aspects like digital marketing, online reviews, and the significance of a professional digital footprint.
  • Discussion on how younger generations approach business differently, highlighting the role of digital tools in making or breaking a company's reputation.
  • Practical examples of digital transformation, including the transition to digital contracts, the impact of mobile apps on everyday business operations, and the future of digital currency.
  • The transformation of customer service and engagement through digital platforms, including social media and review sites, and how it affects small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
  • Advice on leveraging digital tools and platforms to enhance business operations, marketing, and customer interaction, emphasizing the importance of keeping up with technological advancements.


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00:00:27 Introduction to the importance of digital transformation.
00:03:01 How digital presence influences customer perception.
00:07:00 The transition from physical to digital documentation and the convenience it brings.
00:10:32 The evolution of marketing and customer engagement through digital platforms.
00:14:11 The impact of digital transformation on operational efficiency and customer service.
00:19:21 Examples of digital tools enhancing business processes and customer experience.
00:25:38 The significance of a robust digital footprint for business credibility and growth.
00:33:08 How businesses can adapt to and benefit from digital transformation strategies.

Jason Null: [00:00:00] Welcome to DIY for SMBs. This is episode eight Digital Transformation. Today we're gonna talk about digital transformation in the market. So before we get too far ahead ourselves, let's do introductions. We'll start with you, Adam Ringland,

Adam Ringland: Operations Manager at MIS Solutions.

Duane Taylor: Dwayne Taylor vCIO O mis Solutions.

Nate Jewett: Nate, Jewett vCIO mis. I'm

Jason Null: Jason Null, the hostess with the mostess. I'm the vice president here at MIS Solutions. So, so today's topic, digital transformation. Kinda were talking a little bit about how much we really didn't know anything about digital transformation at all. No, just kidding. That digital transformation has been an ongoing thing for the marketplace.

We were talking a little bit that, you know, you go back into the nineties and early two thousands and people didn't really have websites when they started coming out. They were really basic, blah. Yeah, yeah. Blah. I mean, and you look at today's market, websites are very dynamic. Mm-hmm. Very changing. And Nate kind of talking about you're the youngest here.

I mean, I think that you probably. [00:01:00] Approach business different than we do. I mean, I know like my wife might still pull out the yellow pages. I mean, how do you look? Do you look for certain things in companies to see, you know, if they're, I. You know, a good company or not? What's your first go-to?

Nate Jewett: Most of the time it's you just Google somebody and you're, versus back in the day, you have to pull out the yellow pages.

I remember the big books getting thrown on the driveway and

Jason Null: stuff and Well, you know, speaking of websites like that, I mean, I don't know about you guys, but if somebody doesn't have a website, what's your first thought? Yeah. You know, like, eh, a little sketchy, right? It's like, and that's interesting because there could be a great business.

And they have no digital presence from the website. Right.

Duane Taylor: That's, that's weird. They have no digital footprint. Correct. That's

Nate Jewett: odd.

Jason Null: Yeah. They need to

Nate Jewett: either have a website or a well updated Facebook page.

Jason Null: Oh, that's, that's a good one. I don't like the Facebook stuff persoNully, cuz I don't Facebook. Right.

And every time I go to it, then it makes you wanna log in. Mm-hmm. And then I, I persoNully don't do business, like I'm not doing business [00:02:00] with you because you put yourself behind this, right. This Facebook wall, but, It does. I mean, I will judge, I know I will persoNully judge companies based on their website.

I will absolutely,

Duane Taylor: if somebody hands me a business card and it says, you know, BR five and it says, United Service Contractors of America. I'm like, you have a, what are you doing? You have, you have a digital footprint, but now you, you. It's a small one, or if,

Adam Ringland: or if you're looking for an MSP and you can order food and apparel on the website too.

Jason Null: That's interesting too. But you know, you go back to that. I, I do judge people like that too. Mm-hmm. The first thing you gimme a business card and, and if on it is, you know, United Contractors of America, whatever, United, and then they have a Gmail account, I'm like, well, then they're not serious about their business.


Duane Taylor: legit. It's all about the, the

Jason Null: impression, you know? Right. You want that digital presence from website to email to your marketing down to how you're running your business. Are you, you know, using cloud [00:03:00] driven tools today? Are you using the next gen of whatever's out there or are you still the guy that's doing paper receipts, like having

Duane Taylor: a Rolodex on your desk when you have a.

Now look. Yeah, I have, you know, so I, I actually asked a person one day, I said, is that for looks because I have an abacus on my desk for fun. For fun, right. That for fun. She's like, no, I actually use that. And I said, there's, wow. What do you do when you're not

Adam Ringland: here? Right.

Jason Null: I can't get ahold of my babysitter.

Right. She's in my Rolodex. Yeah. I mean that's, and that's interesting. We have. Slowly transformed everything in our lives to this digital platform. Mm-hmm. And if you're not in it, I think as a business you can miss out because I think as the younger generation keeps coming up, if you're not on Yelp, you don't have Google reviews.

I mean, that's the first thing you look at. Yeah. And of course you're looking at the reviews and you're like, okay, they're a four out of five. And you kind of sort through and see how many one stars there are. If they're just a crazy person or is it legitimate? Right. But I mean, I, I truly judge [00:04:00] business that way.

I mean, we will go places and pull up Yelp and start looking right away for a restaurant.

Adam Ringland: Yeah. It's not even just business, it's products. If you're gonna buy some, buy a product online. Right? So why wouldn't you? That's everyone's mindset Now. It's like, okay, I really like that tv. Let me do some digging.

Find out what I like, what I don't like, what the reviews on it are. And people are looking for MSPs and looking for other type business that exact same way. If they, if you're looking for someone you know to paint your house, you're looking online, you better do your reviews. Right. That's true. True. And if you don't

Duane Taylor: scary,

Jason Null: paint my house.

Green paint. Yeah. Right. That's true. Yeah. I mean, I, and that, that digital platform is everywhere. It's even in when you're paying, like if I go somewhere and it doesn't take Apple Pay, it really frustrates me. Cuz now I gotta get outta the card. I'm that ho. Just can't let, just can't take my, and I'm not

Duane Taylor: there yet,

Jason Null: mean cash.

Cash has not accepted in a lot of places. That's a, I get you there. I mean, I, I don't like that, but that is definitely a digital transformation that we're taking as we're moving into [00:05:00] a digital currency. And the digital currency may still be the US dollar, you know, and it just may be that we're actually not trading actual physical dollar anymore.

It just zeros and ones

Duane Taylor: and, and that's one thing that we do is if we do partner with someone who doesn't have that digital footprint, who has like, Just started out with a Gmail and we, we'll get you to that next level. We'll get you a website and we'll get you a domain name, we'll get you something to, to increase your, what

Jason Null: do you wanna call that?

Digital footprint. Digital visibility, yeah. Yeah, I mean, I think that's a good point because for our partners, you know, we wanna make sure that their websites are good, that they have a digital platform going on that inside of their offices, that they're looking at how they can run their company. In that digital world, you know what's, we don't want, I mean, especially we saw with Covid, I, as we talked about this in previous episodes, but everybody went home Not having that digital presence in a digital, you know, environment makes that job [00:06:00] harder.

All of a sudden, like your files aren't all digital and you're having to go to filing cabinets. When your

Duane Taylor: Rolodex is the only place you put your contacts, you, you're, you gotta go to

Jason Null: the office. Yeah. And that's, that's tough when you're not allowed to leave your house. Right? Yeah. Or it's even tough. I mean, on weekends, like who wants to go to the office on a weekend to get a piece of paper?

Correct. You know, it's like everything I want to have is digital. I want to make sure that, you know, our teams are working that way too. Yep. And our partners should be there too. They should be. We didn't

Duane Taylor: need to print Right. Very, we wouldn't have printers here. We, it's, it's occasional, we only

Jason Null: have printers for Megan cuz she likes Right.

So she is our printer girl. And just, and,

Adam Ringland: and for the people that don't think of it in, in, in the full business scope, it's like digital's everywhere. If you're gonna get on a plane, Like the first thing you do is like, oh, I better download some movies or some music to my phone. Yeah. It's back then, you'd never be able to do that.

You'd wanna, oh, bring the TV with the VCR in it and just see if I can carry that on.

Jason Null: I want my music. I'm gonna grab the record player and all my elbows, man. Right. And I'll like, instead of just [00:07:00] having my phone that has Spotify, right. And I have everything and that's. That is the digital transformation we're in.

And it's gonna continue to go that way. It's, yeah, it's really interesting just, you know, even from our accounting standpoint, accountants have now moved into special ed QuickBooks in the cloud. Mm-hmm. That's a huge transformation. Instead of, you know, reaching into companies, trying to remote to PCs. I know we've worked with accountants all the time.

They're like, How do we get to our, our, our clients' computers to be able to use their stuff? Well then that person uses the computer during the day. Right. And then they're trying to fight for it, and then they're trying through this now with QuickBooks Online. Who cares? Yep. It's a complete digital platform and you, everybody can get into it anytime they want.

You're not fighting for it. It has all your information, you know, of course. With digital transformation also opens up, I think, a huge security issue, right? And as we move into the digital world, we need to make sure that we're constantly protecting that like we've talked in the past next generation of firewalls.

Two F two, you know, two factor [00:08:00] backups. Backups.

Adam Ringland: That's the key to the digital world. That's very true. That's, I mean, that's,


Jason Null: what matters most. Yeah. We didn't have that for paper. Right? So if the building burned down, you were done. You were done. Yep. At least today, if the building burns down, we have our offsite backups so we can restore everything, right?

Mm-hmm. I mean, I, I, it's amazing how much I have a hard time in real life dealing with people who are not digital, right? So we used to do contracts with partners, right? And we used to do 'em on paper. We moved to DocuSign. We used to do certain things on paper. We moved to this digital solution. We have transformed our entire business to be completely digital well, Recently I was doing business with somebody and they actually like mailed me a contract to sign and I was just like, couldn't you email that?

And DocuSign, I could just sign it and like, now I gotta lick the envelope, sign it, put it back in, put a stamp on it, and then send it back to you. And there's costs

Duane Taylor: associated. Oh yeah. But. They, they, they far outweigh the manual [00:09:00] part of it. Mm-hmm. True to having to have, you know, three more people in the building department when the service tech can say, sign right

Adam Ringland: here.

Yeah. What's, just replace your garage door seal. It's, it's what your time's worth. Yeah.

Jason Null: Convenient. Well see that all the time. I mean, heating and cooling I think was one of the first groups that I saw in the residential space. Going to a digital platform. They would have their texts come out and they would bring out, you know, their tough books and have you sign stuff.

Nowadays everybody's walking around with iPads, right? Mm-hmm. And then like, Yeah, I don't want a piece of paper. I want you to email it to me. It's like, I love going to places like, you know, down the street, we have March 1st and you go there. It's a great little brewery and everything they do is digital.

You know, including to getting my receipt at the end. I can just have it texted to me like, I don't want a physical receipt, I want a digital copy of it for, you know, maybe expense reasons or whatever. But there one

Adam Ringland: digital thing. I don't like QR code menus. I don't like that. Or at the airport, the QR code where you have to order.

Oh, so just like turn around like, Hey, can you just get me a beer? Was that No, I got, were we in Houston when

Jason Null: it [00:10:00]

Adam Ringland: happened? Yes. Like, like, no, you have to do it. I'm like, you're right there. You're

Jason Null: right there. Oh. Oh

Adam Ringland: my goodness. Goodness. I just want, why like gimme two beers? Yeah. You gotta

Jason Null: type it in on that and then you could, I remember that.

It was funny, we were just giving the girls, they hated it that their company instituted basically a digital iPad everywhere. Or you could use your phone, scan the QR code, but they couldn't serve us like verbally. They would not serve us. That was the dumbest thing. And, and then we'd order like a beer and it wouldn't leave your tab open.

It would close it out each time. And then we're like, we ordered, like, you know, cuz we had a long layover, so we were stacking 'em up. Like we'd order like, you know, 10 beers and it'd be like crossed all of us. Everybody gets two. Yeah. And they, and you know, but. They would not serve us any other way. And it was just, no, that's a, that's definitely some areas of the digital world are annoying like that.

Oh, correct. No. You know, like vending machines that take credit cards, which is great. Well, just banking in general. Banking in general, yeah. Is

Adam Ringland: all digital. No more used. Used to get paper checks. You used to have to, you have to used [00:11:00] to go to the bank. To cash your paper check. Right. Or deposit your paper check.


Duane Taylor: like parking meters are just

Jason Null: digital. Yeah. Yep. I love that. Now that is some really cool technology, in my opinion. The check cashing, love, having the ability to get a check picture, take a photo right when I happen to get a check. Right. That's, you know, they came out

Adam Ringland: with that a little

Jason Null: too late. Yeah.

But yeah, it's a great technology and parking meters, like I love that. I've gone downtown several times now and I have the parking meter app and it's like, It like knows your car where you're at and you're like, that's pretty impressive. And, and I don't have to sit there and try to like, I, I might be gone for three hours.

I don't know how many quarters do I have to feed this thing? I'd be like, you gotta run downstairs.

Duane Taylor: Put more quarters in there. You got 200.

Adam Ringland: Then I gotta be like, how do I get quarters? Cause I don't

Jason Null: have cash. Right. And now you're like, now you can be, is there a pole hall around with a chain machine? Yeah.

And now you can be a cigarette machine or anything. Now you can be sitting in your appointment or whatever and look down and be like, oh, I need to add more to the meter and just do it. [00:12:00] Yep. I love that. That is, that is a great use of technology. That is a great digital transformation in our society. Yep.

And it's just like the scooters. I love the scooters. All those little lime scooters everywhere. Way all over. Oh man, this is awesome. Like six

Nate Jewett: of them stuffed in an alley cause they don't

Jason Null: work. Broken half. You know what's funny is that there are people that their job is to go around, pick those up at night and charge them, put like a little trailer with,

Nate Jewett: loaded with batteries down the middle.

They just plug 'em all in.

Jason Null: That's interesting. Dump 'em. Yeah, you could just, and then just drop 'em off all over the place. But they're fun to get, like you go to visit a college, you could just get across campus really fast. Or downtown, you know, you know, parking can be crazy sometimes. You know, you can park like five blocks away, jump on a lime scooter and get to the, to the venue you wanna get to really quick.

So yeah, definitely there are some cool digital pieces of transformation in our lives. And going back to our partners, I mean, you guys work with them heavily to. Probably make them assess their [00:13:00] environments and make them more digital than they are when we start, we try. Yeah, I mean that's from everything from, you know, scanning to email to newer machines to be able to do that, how we get stuff into the cloud for their files and documentation.

Duane Taylor: No, there's a lot that's changed. I mean, even in the long term healthcare, they're, they're now, they're having the two factor with badges to administer meds and just all this digital stuff where they were just doing a notebook. Maybe

Jason Null: a pen. Yeah. I mean, our, our medical charting now is completely digital and they used to have to send

Duane Taylor: that back in the medical records to sit there and transcribe it and put it into the system.

And now it's just like, just do it as

Adam Ringland: you go. I see you did it. I see that you did it. Yeah.

Jason Null: Yep. Yeah, that is neat. I mean when we go to the doctors, like, especially the pediatrician, just cuz we, I have a kid and, you know, it's really cool to see our doctors, the nurses, and everybody using a digital platform and not asking me dumb questions over and over again because the information's right there.

Yep. And they're able to track it and they don't have this chart [00:14:00] where they're trying to read somebody else's handwriting. It gets all right there. And then they got great graphing in it to, you know, this is your weight range, this is your growth chart. And it's, that is really neat as a parent to see that kind of stuff though, you know, as our world continues to change, you know, stuff like that will be really interesting.

What's next? Yeah. What can we transform next besides ourselves,

Adam Ringland: I guess? And then think of all the, you know, the companies that, all the software they're using, you. Can you mail me that CD Ron? Like legit. Now you just go to

Jason Null: the website. Aol, please send me a cd. I haven't had one

Duane Taylor: in a while. Nice. Started here.

I, I would, I would install software on a PC and I would be on a cd. Yep. And I would make a directory on the computer and I would copy the CD and put the serial number in the text file, because someone's gonna lose the CD a

Adam Ringland: hundred percent without question. Yeah. So you're gonna


Duane Taylor: it. Those aren't.

Jason Null: Yeah, when was the last time you got a something on an on disc or cd?

Or even USB drive these days. Maybe like a

Duane Taylor: radiologist [00:15:00] report or something like that, you know?

Jason Null: Well, yeah, you can't use

Duane Taylor: MRI scans or something like that.


Jason Null: gotta records USB license keys. Yeah, those deals. All the old dongles that, like you had to have that in the machine. Still have a couple. Couple

Nate Jewett: partners that have those USB

Jason Null: dongles for, I never understood that why we can't just have a regular key versus having that.

Then you have then they became, started virtualizing those because, you know, outside of a virtual environment, you really didn't have, you know, the physical access. So yeah, stuff has definitely changed. You know, I love. Where we're going with stuff and what I'm always looking forward to, what's next for, for transforming to the next digital age.

You know, like we talked about in the past, it music was a great one. I, I, you know, yes, I don't own anything anymore, but do I really need to, when I have every album I've ever wanted to hear, and I can just be like, you know what? I'm in the mood to listen to. I just wanna listen to Straight Nirvana for a while.

Mm-hmm. And I might own one CD that I might have converted to mp3 and I'm [00:16:00] not gonna dig it out or try to find where I do that the MP3 is. But I can like just sit there and go out to Apple Music or Spotify and be like, just shuffle their entire album. Entire, entire catalog catalog. Yeah. Now that's, that's awesome.

Obviously even the movie industry has moved to that too. You know, we have simultaneous launches at home and in theaters at times. I, I persoNully still like to go to theaters. Depends on the show. Yeah. You know, big, big movies I like to see, I mean like Top Gun, when Top Gun Maverick came out, you know, you have to go to the theater to see that.

I don't care what kind of system you're at home. Movie theater for that. For sure. Yeah. I don't think there's any

Nate Jewett: movie that has been released that I wouldn't wanna be sitting at home either in my screen down here or sitting in my living room. Man,

Jason Null: this missed

Adam Ringland: that popcorn, the big movie feel. Mm-hmm.

That's just more our generation. Like, you probably didn't grow up going to a bunch of movies in the theater. Like for us, that was our gener, that was like a big deal. Well, yeah. When we went to the theater, that was

Jason Null: like a big, which is why theaters are struggling today. Yep. Even after Covid, they're [00:17:00] having a hard time getting people to come back in.

They're hoping s is like these young bucks. Yep. See? Exactly. Just wanna watch it on a 10 inch screen. Yeah. Okay. Nah. It needs to be huge in my seed farming simulator. You're looking No, that's not missing it. That's it right there. Miss anything? Yeah. I mean, even our farming's gone digital hasn't. Yep, that's right.

I mean, it has, I mean, we, we joke that we have a client, our partner, who has a greenhouse and you know, they're complaining one day cuz the wireless went down, they couldn't monitor their crops. You know, that's, you know, even farming's moving to the digital platform, gps, tractors and everything. Hundred percent.

I can talk about that all day. All our cars are slowly moving that way. I mean, how many of your cars today you pull up in the garage and it sends you an email to tell you the status of that mine. Right. See? Must have

Duane Taylor: really nice one. Like I know. I just got out of it. Thanks. Right. It's,

Jason Null: yeah. But every month,

Nate Jewett: every now and then, when my wife starts the truck in the middle of the night on the way home from work, it will send out an OnStar email that says, here's your report [00:18:00] about your Silverado.

Yeah. I'm like, that's interesting. I never signed up for this. I don't have to pay

Jason Null: for it. So he cares. Yeah. I mean it's, it's interesting that our cars are doing that. Everything. We've come a

Duane Taylor: long way in my career. Your career since you started in it. I was talking to Austin Ringland one day. It was a while back.

And we were at lunch and he was looking at his phone. Looking at his phone, and I said, we used to print out maps. Oh God. Yeah. And he was like, I'd be lost without my phone. Yeah. And I'm like, that's a whole generation, whole different, it's a whole different thing. You know? We use streets and trips. I mean, if you don't know the area you have, I didn't know Cincinnati at the time.

I wasn't from around there, you know? And before

Adam Ringland: there was MapQuest, which before the internet you had to go to Triple

Jason Null: A and get a trip Tick. Yep. Well get off Flip Next highway.

Duane Taylor: Somebody a map. Now that's 20. They're like, well,

Jason Null: and you know, you think about it, you don't know what kind of construction's going on right now.

You're driving is all of a sudden. Two hour delay coming up. Here's [00:19:00] alternate route. You're like, yes. Speed trap coming up. Speed. I love that. The ways and Google Maps with the, you know, the, the notifications of where all the, but I, I found definitely different places. I think the cops just sit there and just tag it deliberately to make, you know, not be able to find it.

Like they're playing games on the freeways too. So, but yeah, that's another great, you know, transformation digitally. We went from physical maps. Yep. Which are cool to have. I love reading maps, but now the maps on your dash. Yeah. Yep. Send it to your phone. I heard something the other

Nate Jewett: day. They were talking about, you know, everybody's got a cell phone now everybody's got their maps to know where they're going.

Everybody can see everybody else's location too. You know, I can see my wife's location or my parents' location, you know, 15 years ago. I don't know. I guess dad's on his way home. He'll, he'll, he'll be here when he gets here. But now we're. Oh, I, I don't, I don't know where they're at. I better, I better look.

It's all about the now. Yeah. They gotta gotta know what's going on. You love your

Adam Ringland: family more

Jason Null: than I [00:20:00] love mine. No, I mean, I think it's great too, like having a daughter who's driving at 16. Yeah. You know, and she, she works late at a, she actually works at a movie theater, which is funny, but at times I can like look down and see her on her way home and be like, okay, good.

I know she made the car safe. Somebody walked her out. Right. You know, she's on her way. She'll be here in 10 minutes. If she's not here in 10 minutes, I need to look again. Mm-hmm. And I mean, I'm trying not to digitally stalk her, but I just want to make sure she's okay. Right. You know, I mean, I remember as a kid we were like, I was going up to my cousin Polly's.

Call me when you get there. Oh, a hundred percent. Yeah. And then you get yelled at, you forget, and you get yelled at me. You

Duane Taylor: forget. And you're like, then your parents show up, get caught. Right?

Jason Null: Two blocks, yes. But today they would just look down and be like, okay, he made it right. I know he didn't call me, but he's good.

Yep. Yeah. So society has changed, even business. And try to kind of reign us back in a little bit, back to a business side of it. I think that in this day and age, if you are a business that doesn't have the right digital [00:21:00] presence, you know, having the right digital transformation is a, is a deterrent to you.

It is going to cost you business, be

Adam Ringland: very marketing marketing's the biggest one. Yeah. That's like literally if you're a small to medium business, you and you don't have a, a marketing presence online. You know, you're not using LinkedIn, you're not using Twitter, you're not using, you know, Facebook or you know, Google Pages.

Yeah. That's, that's the rough

Jason Null: way. It's really hard to

Nate Jewett: grow a business when no one knows about you. No one knows about you. And for, you know, 20 years you've done everything word of mouth, but everything's starting to fall off now, so you might as well get with the program.

Duane Taylor: Yep. You can type anything in tree chiming service near

Adam Ringland: me.

Yep. Yeah, if you're not tagged on there, I mean that's right.

Jason Null: And I think that stuff's hard to navigate too. So making sure you have the right people, and they're obviously from a digital footprint with website companies that we work with that are great at helping you navigate that and get everything you need.

Getting the right analytics going, [00:22:00] getting the right keywords. We're

Adam Ringland: the perfect example of all of this. We're, yeah, small business as we continue to grow, you know, we did what we could from the marketing. We're saying it really wasn't a whole lot. And it's like, okay, well we're large enough now. We need to, we need to really jump in the pool.

Jason Null: Right? Yep. I mean that's, that's what I love going out to what is the. The website time machine, a site that actually lets you go roll back in time. Oh, it's the old time. Yeah. Shoot. I can't remember the site, but hopefully somebody could just put it at the bottom of this and find it for me. But you can actually go out and you can like roll back and look at our website.

You can go all way back to 2003. Oh, I know what you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah. And it's, it's basically. It's a historical record of the internet that basically is being archived for everybody. But you can roll back websites. You roll back anybody's websites and you start getting back to the old front page days.

You're like, wow, I can't believe that's like what we use to market ourselves. That's all we have. Yeah, but, but it has changed so much,

Duane Taylor: so much,

Nate Jewett: so, so much. But some sites. Too. It's funny to go to like YouTube or something and then [00:23:00] you can go back and see what YouTube was. But the small changes they make over time that you don't really notice.

That's subtle. Yeah. Until you go back and look. Wow.

Jason Null: Yeah. So everything in our, in our world has changed. And if you're not partnering with somebody, Like us at MIS Solutions to help you navigate that, to help take your business at the next level. You are going to struggle to continue to do business. And, you know, working with an sm, you know, small businesses like we do, we're always able to navigate them, help them.

Yep. If we can't do it, we have great partners. Correct. That can help leverage you and take you into the 21st century. You know, we're almost to 2024 here. Right, right. I mean, You guys, everybody needs to have a great website. Everybody needs to have their own domain and they need to have great business cards and get away from QR codes.

Right? Yep. So no more menus. No more menus. I love, you know, I actually like the menu system with the QR codes because I can't read anything. [00:24:00] Half the places are dark. So at least with the, like you can magnifying your, yeah, I can look at one letter at a

Adam Ringland: time. Yes, exactly. It take you a while to spell out chicken.

Jason Null: Wow. How much is that? Takes me forever to figure out, like, so. No, but I mean, I, I don't really have too much else to talk about, I think. No. You know, we've covered Digi, we've covered this as we've went through the last seven episodes before this. Mm-hmm. The digital transformation is about sprinkled everything Sprint.

Correct. It's everything we're doing. It's Office 365, it's cloud. It's our websites. It's how we are doing processing. Are we actually taking physical checks? Are we doing ACH right? Are we doing credit card transactions? How does that look? How do we supply invoices to people? How do we supply? And we completely invoice digitally and we want our partners to pay digitally.

Yep. Some still write checks. I love our C one A a C H, you know, but that's, that's coming. It's going to be to the point where, Sending things through the mail costs too much money. Yep. Agreed. And using ACH [00:25:00] and digital. Yep. Getting digital receipts and digital invoices is so much easier. It's so much cost effective.

So, you know, if you need help with your it, please reach out to, you know, and continue to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, whatever else. MySpace. What? MySpace I took over MySpace page. We just updated it. Fresh new look. Has all of our, have two friends now, Tom and Nate. Well, yeah.

Thanks for coming. We'll check you all guys out next time. Thanks guys. Thanks.

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Remark: We will collect your information for marketing purposes. However, we respect your privacy rights. If you wish to access or amend any Personal Data we hold about you, or request that we delete any information about you that we have collected, please send us an email: