Security Assessment

Secure your organization's future with a comprehensive
cybersecurity assessment

Invest in the protection of your critical data and infrastructure by scheduling a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment with our expert team. Secure your organization's future and maintain a safe environment with our guidance and support.

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Audit of Physical Environment

Our cybersecurity assessments begin with a thorough audit of your physical environment, which includes examining various factors such as locations, network layout, type of equipment, building layout, locks on server doors, and remote work setups. We ensure your network is correctly set up and centralized, identify risks associated with your equipment, and review how your employees are set up for remote work.

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Network Scan

We perform a comprehensive network scan to identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Our analysis covers password policies, unsupported operating systems, inactive computers, user accounts that have not logged in, antivirus measures, unsupported Microsoft Office versions, security patches, offline domain controllers, insecure listening ports, and operating systems in extended support. We also evaluate user permissions, compromised passwords, account lockout settings, automatic screen lock implementation, internet speed tests, total assets, drive space, and unrestricted web content.

Dark Web Scan

Our assessments include a dark web scan to search for compromised credentials, protecting your organization against potential threats. We also offer the option of conducting simulated phishing tests for users, which helps identify vulnerabilities and educate employees on recognizing and avoiding cyberattacks.

Cloud Systems

We analyze your cloud systems, ensuring they are secure and efficient. Our assessment covers multifactor authentication, types of licenses, encrypted email requirements, spam solutions, and VPN with MFA, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's cloud infrastructure.

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A robust backup strategy is crucial for business continuity and disaster recovery. Our assessments evaluate your current backup strategy, including the type, software, hardware, MFA-secured and encrypted backups, as well as three forms of backup: local, local, and cloud. We provide recommendations to improve your backup strategy and ensure your data remains safe and accessible.

Recommendations Moving Forward

After completing our cybersecurity assessment, we provide you with a detailed report that outlines our findings and offers actionable recommendations to strengthen your organization's defenses. Our team of experts is available to help you implement these security measures, ensuring your business remains protected against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Act Now: Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Don't let cybercriminals jeopardize your business operations and customer trust. Be proactive and secure your organization's future by investing in comprehensive cybersecurity measures today.

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