MIS Solutions: The Gold Standard in Cybersecurity Defense

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Cybersecurity is important for all organizations in today’s internet-connected world. Securing your business goes beyond hiring physical guards to protect your office buildings. An infiltration of your IT infrastructure by bad actors could lead to serious damage, and in this case, prevention is always better than cure. 

Defending your organization’s IT infrastructure against cybersecurity threats is best done with a trusted partner. MIS Solutions provides top-class technology expertise to safeguard their client’s computer networks from external and internal threats. 

Discover the MIS Solutions Advantage

MIS Solutions Cybersecurity Expertise

MIS Solutions is a cybersecurity and compliance expert providing IT solutions to small and mid-sized companies across various industries. This experience and premium expertise make us the best technology partners to handle your information security. Our technology solutions are tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs as we take a personalized approach to project management.

Working with MIS is a different experience from what other providers offer because we are a technology provider with a human spirit. Our full-service package covers all the support SMBs need to succeed.

MIS Solutions provides top-notch services, ensuring all your business needs are met. Our seamless workflows allow us to meet customer demands as it is not our first rodeo. Most clients ask: “Do you understand my business?” And the reply remains yes, it’s that simple! IT business is our business.

Ironclad Cybersecurity Services

MIS provides powerful cybersecurity protection that keeps your internal and external systems safe and secure. We leverage our experience in various industries to provide ironclad MIS solutions that ensure your peace of mind. Our robust cybersecurity plans provide the cover you need to protect your business from bad actors. We hold your hands throughout the onboarding process and open a strong line of communication that helps you reach your cybersecurity goals.

We are a managed IT solutions expert skilled at working in the background to ensure your company can meet its goals. Your IT needs become our top priority, and we use cybersecurity measures that protect your organization without impeding the flow and speed of work. As a company that’s managed technology services across multiple industries, we have honed our skill at anticipating the needs of our clients and maintaining their IT infrastructure.

Another area that sets us apart as a managed IT service provider is our skilled professional workforce. At MIS Solutions, we ensure our staff gets the right training to keep up with the changing technology landscape and provide them with IT-related resources to keep their skills sharp. We work within industry regulations as certified information systems security professionals to deliver the best services possible to our clients. We acknowledge that the IT needs in the business landscape are ever-changing, and we keep ourselves up-to-date to deliver the highest quality to our clients.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

At MIS, we provide tailored solutions and managed service packages tailored to your needs. These tailored solutions help businesses navigate their IT needs in an ever-evolving business landscape. Here are some of the tailored solutions MIS provides:

  • Personalized Cybersecurity: We work with you to develop cybersecurity solutions that meet your needs. These solutions will fit seamlessly into your existing systems and keep bad actors out while staying true to PCI standards.
  • Strategic Planning: Our strategic planning solutions help us to make well-informed decisions backed by data, which help us to map out the best way forward for your business. We also provide technology equipment to improve your organization’s IT lapses.
  • Network Assessments: As a full-service managed IT service provider, we monitor your company’s IT infrastructure, which includes VOIP phone systems, hardware, enterprise software, and data centers. These assessments help us prevent incidences and keep your IT services running with maximum uptime.
  • Private Cloud Solutions: We provide security and management solutions for cloud services. The solutions are tailor-made to meet specific cloud needs, secure data, and ensure your staff can access company data securely from within and outside the organization.
  • Backup Solutions: Data solutions that aid disaster recovery if your staff accidentally deletes any information critical to your business. These solutions ensure that you have an extra layer of data security that protects your company’s information from accidental loss.
  • Microsoft 365 and Azure Platforms: The Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 platforms are critical IT infrastructure for most businesses today. We provide greenlight cloud services for these tools and ensure businesses can function 24/7.

Partnering with MIS Solutions

Partnering with MIS Solutions

Partner with us today to discover why your technology isn’t working and the best way forward. On a 15-minute discovery call, we can help your business ascertain your IT challenges and the best solution for you. Schedule a discovery call today by visiting our website, as we have trained professionals waiting to give you a 15-minute heart-to-heart. 

Is your current IT partner adding friction to your workplace? Then you need to switch from your old IT company to MIS. Our previous business partners would tell you that working with MIS was a breeze, and you can confirm this by visiting the testimonial section of our website. Let us create solutions that work now instead of frequent outages and complaints.


What sizes of businesses do you work with?

We work with small and medium-sized businesses with between 20-200 computers connected to their network. 

How fast is your response time to service requests?

We pride ourselves on being the fastest solution provider for IT services. Our response time is within 30 seconds or less, and our technicians are working on a solution in under 30 minutes.

Do you outsource your help desk?

No, we do not outsource our help desk. All our support staff and technicians work internally at MIS.

How is outsourced IT different from co-managed IT?

With outsourced IT, we exclusively handle all your IT needs, but with co-managed IT, we work with you to provide supplementary IT services you cannot provide in-house.

What certifications and qualifications do your technicians have?

IT professionals must constantly update their skills and commit to lifelong learning to stay on top of their field. Some of our technicians’ certifications include Certified Cloud Security Professional, Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT, and Certified Chief Information Security Officer.


Secure your organization’s IT needs today with MIS solutions’ expertise. We have the qualified technicians and help desk staff to move your IT infrastructure from 0 to 100. Contact us at sales@mis.tech for your cybersecurity needs. We cannot wait to hear from you!